DNG jigging reels

One of the most advanced jigging reels on the market, perfected through decades of meticulous research and development.

The Product

When it comes to Jigging Reels, DNG is an industry veteran, a pioneer of one of the most advanced reels on the market. Our R1 Jigging Reel has been perfected through decades of meticulous research to bring you the most efficient way of jigging.

Equipped with WiFi communication, regular software updates and highly accurate depth detection, there’s a reason why the DNG R1 electronic jigging reel is the leader in the industry.

The new R1 jigging reel

The jigging reel uses less electricity than previous models and we’ve reduced the noise levels to make it virtually silent. The popular catch-specific configurations of previous models are all still there, allowing you to quickly adjust settings for cod, pollock, mackerel and other species along with being able to create your own fishing programs.

The R1 operates by releasing the line with the sinker on the end. It automatically senses when it’s near the ocean bottom, where it begins to drift and jerk the line until it finds its catch. When the fish is caught, the R1 hastily retracts the line, reeling in the catch.

Our Jigging Reel is designed for the most difficult of circumstances, able to withstand the harshest of ocean environments. The R1 is waterproof and made from salt-resistant aluminium and stainless steel.

The environmental benefits of using Jigging Reels are considerable, as pollution due to tack and equipment loss is negligible and the Jigging Reel has little or no influence on vegetation and marine life besides the fish that is being caught.


  • High-definition screen 

  • Runs silent, almost no high-pitched noise.

  • Highly efficient

  • Low electrical use (operates with both 12V and 24V direct current)

  • Waterproof

  • WiFi communication between reels

  • Built in configurations for popular fish types

  • Search function

  • User can input their own jerk/drift settings

  • Remote assistance for settings and use


To ensure the latest version of the Reel Master software, you can download it by pressing the green button below.

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