Bullying policy


The policy document covers all of Slippurinn's operations. Slippurinn's policy is that employee communication is always characterised by courtesy, respect and helpfulness. The same values apply to communication with Slippurinn's customers. Employees should be protected from mental and physical harassment; harassment is not tolerated in the company. Employee co-dependency in bullying is condemned.


Managers are responsible not only for employees' work but also for respecting the basic communication principles in the workplace. New employees are introduced to the company's bullying policy and response plan immediately at the start of work.

Bullying in the workplace:

In the workplace, disputes and conflicts of interest can arise that can cause inconvenience. It is important to resolve such issues promptly before they develop into worse ways.

The company's definition of bullying and sexual harassment is based on regulation no. 1000/2004.


The company will take action against employees who bully others, e.g. by reprimanding, transferring or terminating. Serious incidents may be prosecuted after consultation with the victim. The perpetrators of bullying will be held accountable.


An employee who experiences or has knowledge of bullying or sexual harassment shall contact the managing director or quality manager of Slippurinn or the immediate supervisor as soon as possible and report the incident. These persons shall show full confidentiality to the victim.

When managers become aware of bullying, they act according to the following contingency plan.

  • The victim's need for urgent support is assessed and promptly provided.
  • Emphasis should be placed on resolving the issue immediately and preventing further bullying.
  • Working conditions assessed.
  • Take appropriate measures.
  • Make sure bullying doesn't happen again in the workplace.

In consultation with the victim, the person contacted then decides what to proceed with. You can choose between informal or formal procedures.

Informal procedures

Informal proceedings involve seeking information from the victim and providing support through confidential dialogue or counselling. Others in the workplace are not informed about the issue.

Formal procedure

An impartial examination of the facts is performed. Talk to the victim, the perpetrator and others who can provide information about the case. It is important to seek information about timing and obtain documentation, if any, such as emails, text messages or otherwise.

A solution will be found, which may include changes in the workplace, work methods or work organisation. The perpetrator will receive guidance and warning or be transferred to the job.

The matter shall be followed up and discussed with its parties after a certain period of time. The communication between the two sides will be monitored.

Failure by the perpetrator to speak out and perpetuate the bullying leads to his dismissal from his job.