Sandblasting, high-pressure washing, and painting

Slippurinn has a strong team specializing in sandblasting, high-pressure washing and painting, but these aspects are important in ship maintenance. Slippurinn emphasizes ensuring customer satisfaction with quality work methods and good service.

Sandblasting is an effective way to clean surfaces such as steel, aluminium and steppe. The method involves blowing ribs, e.g. sand, onto the surface to remove rust and old paint. Our employees are
experts in sandblasting on ships, structures, machinery, engine parts, etc.

High-pressure washing removes salts and similar impurities important for painting.

Painting ships can be a tricky task. Slippurinn employs specially trained staff on materials and equipment in ship painting.


Slippurinn has various equipment for sandblasting, high-pressure washing, and painting.

  • High-pressure washing pumps 200-1500 bars
  • Remote-controlled washing machine
  • Sandblasting equipment
  • Glassblowing equipment
  • Paint sprayers