Fish processing equipment for a saltfish plant in Newfoundland from Slippurinn DNG

Slippurinn DNG is completing the production of various equipment for the Labrador Fishermen's Union's salted fish processing plant in Newfoundland. This equipment and service includes, among other things, a trimming line and programming of the whole processing plant.

Slippurinn DNG at Scottish Skipper Expo in Aberdeen

The Scottish Skipper Expo 2024 in Aberdeen has just come to an end. Slippurinn DNG took part and presented its products and services: Slippurinn Ship service - DNG Processing equipment - DNG Jigging reels.

Seafood Processing Global 2024: Join Us in Barcelona!

Discover the vibrant world of seafood at Seafood Expo Global/Seafood Processing Global, the premier trade event for the seafood industry.

The Canadian fishing vessel Saputi

Slippurinn Ship Service & DNG Processing Solutions

A new employee at DNG Jigging Reels

DNG Jigging Reels

DNG Processing Equipment continues to grow in popularity and establish itself as one of the strongest brands on the market!

Below is an excerpt from an interview with Magnús Blöndal from the fishing magazine Ægir in Iceland.

Employees of the Aquaculture Division of Slippurinn at work

Here, the plastic welding team from Slippurinn's aquaculture division works at Kópaskeri welding plastic pipes for an aquaculture company.

Alli Pé, working on Vaki fish pumps

Slippurinn DNG's projects are of various kinds and cover almost all areas within the fishing and aquaculture sectors.

The liner Kiviuq I to Akureyri for winter storage

The longliner Kiviuq I arrived in Akureyri for winter storage after the first fishing trip in the Arctic. Anticipating losing their fishing grounds to ice in December, they looked to Akureyri for winter storage.

The KA Gymnastics Department thanks Slippurinn-Akureyri for a grant to purchase coach shirts from HENSON

The KA Gymnastics Department thanks Slippurinn-Akureyri for a grant to purchase coach shirts from HENSON.