Security Policy

The operation of Slippurinn shall be arranged in such a way that the safety and health of employees are not endangered. Our target is to reduce the impact of the company's operations on the internal and external environment. Slippurinn is aware of its external environment, ensuring a healthy and safe working environment and protecting its employees, equipment and valuables from accidents and damage. The company's operation complies with all applicable laws and regulations at any given time.

Negative environmental impacts from the company's operations are minimised by:

  • Promote better use of resources, reduce waste of raw materials and increase reuse and recycling.
  • Strive to choose environmentally friendly products and services.
  • Ensure that all employees of Slippurinn know and operate according to the company's environmental safety policy and objectives.

The company, therefore, encourages employees:

  • To streamline travel on behalf of the company with these goals in mind.
  • For environmentally friendly travel to and from work and contributes to making this possible.

At Slippurinn, emphasis is placed on a safe and healthy working environment for employees.


The company's preventive work aims to realise the objective of no accidents while minimizing the impact of operations on the internal and external environment. Management at all levels is responsible for implementing and supporting the company's safety, health and environmental policy systematically at all times. Management shall strengthen the general awareness of the safety of employees through education and determination. Management shall work closely with their employees on implementing and solving safety, health and environmental issues.


The values and policies of safety, health, and environmental matters shall always be guided by all discussions on company operations. Safety, health, and environmental priorities and objectives shall have the same importance as other main decision-making objectives of the company, such as financial and operational objectives.

Applying to all

All employees of Slippurinn, subcontractor employees and guests are therefore obliged to follow the safety rules of Slippurinn and ensure their own safety and that of others while working or staying within the premises of Slippurinn. The personal responsibility of the individual is always there.


The company's Safety, health, and environmental manager manages safety, health, and environmental cases. In addition, there is an existing safety committee in the company consisting of two security guards appointed by the company's management and two security representatives elected by company staff.