A new employee at DNG Jigging Reels

DNG Færvindur has hired Pétur Veigar Karlsson as a sales representative.

Pétur was born in Akureyri in 1992. "I got interested in the sea and ships at a young age. When I was little, my father worked at a fishing net manufacturer company in Akureyri. I regularly visited my father at work and found it exciting to watch. So you can say that the connection to the sea has attracted me since childhood!".

A long career at Slippurinn DNG, despite being young!
Pétur started working at Slippurinn Akureyri at eighteen in the summer of 2010 and worked as a warehouse assistant that summer. "The following years, I worked at Slippurinn Ship Service and then continued for several summers with the school. I finished high school in Akureyri in the winter of 2013 and decided to explore the possibilities of another career, but then found my way back to Slippurinn". Pétur then completed his studies in fisheries science at the University of Akureyri in 2018. Pétur returned to work in Slippurinn after graduating in 2021 and most recently worked as a Purchasing and Warehouse Manager. "When I was offered an exciting job at DNG as a sales representative, I immediately saw an excellent opportunity to get to know another part of the fishing industry even better.
I'm looking forward to working on new and exciting projects."

We welcome Pétur to our excellent DNG team!