DNG Processing Equipment continues to grow in popularity and establish itself as one of the strongest brands on the market!

“We have a wide product line and undertake diverse projects, whether for processing fish on land or at sea. In recent years, we have significantly strengthened our team and now have a strong and skilful group of employees involved in equipment production—from the design stage to the point where the equipment is operational and in use by our customers,” says Magnús Blöndal Gunnarsson, the division manager of DNG Processing Equipment at Slippurinn Akureyri ehf. While the company is best known in this country as one of the most powerful ship service providers, it has also expanded its services within the fishing industry. It has ventured into producing fish processing equipment under DNG Processing Equipment.
The scope of DNG Processing Equipment covers the entire fish processing sector. When asked, Magnús explains that their field encompasses food processing both on land and at sea.
“We offer a wide range of products. While we previously focused heavily on manufacturing processing equipment for vessels, our expansion and the fact that we have also started operations in the southern part of Iceland with our facility, design, technical expertise, and human resources have made us strong manufacturers of equipment and technical solutions for land-based processing,” says Magnús. The projects DNG Processing Equipment is involved in are highly diverse. These include grading machines, onboard tub/box handling systems, bleeding and cooling solutions, and comprehensive processing solutions for both onboard and land-based operations.
“Recently, we successfully delivered a whole fish grader for a fish processing plant in Sandgerdi. This achievement marked a significant milestone for our company. Additionally, programming and software development have become increasingly important for us, as they are prerequisites for developing better solutions,” adds Magnús.